About Us

A Message From Mandy

I attribute much of my success as a professional dancer to what I learned at dance competitions as a child.  Though I didn’t know it then, I was learning the grit, determination and a growth mindset that I needed to survive in the competitive world of dance.

Funny thing was I didn’t always win, but it never stopped me  trying, and those dancers I saw at each and every competition weren’t my competitors, they were my inspiration.  

I wrote lists, stuck them on my wall and practiced over and over again and that gave me the biggest satisfaction knowing that each time I performed I was better than the last.

Wherever you go in your life I hope that Destination Dance can help you learn that everything in this world is possible, you just have to believe it is!

Mandy Montanez

Owner/ Founder Destination Dance

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to offer a better dance competition. One that is a positive and inspiring, one that unites rather than divides and one that brings young dancers closer to the Industry professionals they look up to.

Our movements shape the industry and play an important role in young dancers development which we take very seriously. Our goal is to be a world wide brand which brings our unique style of dance competitions directly to our customers.

Straight from the stage to you, check out Mandy in action