Buy Tickets

Buy Tickets

Here you can purchase spectator Tickets to all of our Dance competitions

Spectator Tickets

Everyone wishing to watch the competition will need to purchase a spectator ticket. Please note that for two day competitions tickets are only valid on one day so ensure you purchase the correct day. Tickets are £5+ VAT per day for regional and £8.50+ VAT per day for nationals. Our shows do sell out so please book in advance to avoid missing out. 

Teachers Tickets

Teachers you can also redeem your free Spectator tickets here. Please note we allow up to 3 teachers per dance school to watch for free, any above and beyond that will need to purchase their spectator tickets.


Dancers can watch on the day they are performing for FREE. Please note they can collect their wristband at the registration desk on the day of the compeittion so will not need tickets unless a performer wants to watch the competition on the day they are not performing they will need to purchase a spectator ticket.

5 and Under

It is free for 5 and under to watch the event