Destination Dance Help Centre

Your Questions Answered

Do you allow independent entries?

No, you are only allowed to enter with two or more dancers.   You can however register if you have two or more dancers competing under the same name. 

How do you work out the Group Age?

Our system will work out the age of a Duo/Trio or Group based on the average age of the dancers. This will be taken from the age on the day of the competition. Should a group have a dance 20 years old or over then this routine will automatically be placed in the adult Section.

Why can’t I make any changes?

After you have completed your registration, or the closing date has passed you will be unable to make changes- no exceptions. Please only complete your entries once you have checked the details including song title, dates of birth and style categories. 

How do I enter the competition?

Register your School

  • Visit http://www.destinationdanceuk.com/register/
  • Click the button that says Register for Destination Dance
  • Click to open a new studio/school account
  • Under State/Provence – simply enter your country (ie England/Scotland etc)

Add Routines

  • Click register for competition
  • Select event city
  • Click add routine
  • You will then need to add dancers. 
  • You only need to add a dancer to the system once, 
  • They can then be selected from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the routine as prompted and click save routine

Complete Registration

  • Once you are happy with your entries and sure all of the information is correct. 
  • Complete your registration by clicking the button that says complete entries and pay for entries online. 
  • Note – you are not entered into the competition until this step has been completed- entries not completed and paid for will not be scheduled in the event. No exceptions

I am having trouble creating an account

Here is a video which will explain how to set up your online account and register for Destination Dance

My child can only be at the competition until 2pm. Can you make sure they perform before then?

Though we would love to accommodate time requests. We cannot schedule any routine on a requested day or time.

When will I receive the full schedule?

We do not send out a full schedule, but programs can be purchased on the day of competition from our registration desk.  We do however send dance schools exact performance times and an overall schedule one month before the competition. 

What is ‘Default Class’?

Our Competition only has one classification which is ‘Competitive’. Should this not be selected at the time of registration then Dance Comp Genie will place it into ‘Default’ which is effectively the same. The routine will still be judged and scored normally, and it will not affect the placement on the day of the Competition.

Can I add a Title/Costume awards to my routine?

This can be done on your dance comp genie account. (Simply edit entry) If you have completed your entries you can add Title and Costume awards on the day of the competition from our registration desk. Please ensure this is done at least 30 minutes before the routine is due to perform.

What is the novice section?

  • Novice is a category for students who are newer to competing. 
  • All styles compete against each other but will be broken down by age and type of routine- ie solo, duo/trio and groups.
  • NOTE: two routines of the same breakdown ie: duo/trio- novice 9-11 (with the same dancers) in the same category cannot compete against themselves.
  • If you have more than one routine choose the strongest routine and enter that in the general category. 
  • Example- enter one Duo/trio in Novice 9-11 and enter one duo/trio in Jazz 9-11 category.

My track is a few seconds over the limit. Can I just send you the track?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept music through email. 

Please follow the below link which can help you speed it up ever so slightly to shave of a few seconds. We have had many schools do this before and the dancers don’t even notice.


How do I add routines?

  • Click register for competition
  • Select event city
  • Click add routine
  • You will then need to add dancers. You only need to add a dancer to the system once, They can then be selected from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the routine as prompted and click save routine

Are my spaces saved for the competition now that I have added them to my online registration?

No, the only way to reserve your space is to pay for the entries. Effectively the routines are sitting in the basket waiting for checkout. They are not reserved until you complete payment upon checkout. 
Some people do wait until the closing date but unfortunately many people loose their entries as the show sells out far before the closing date. 

When do Tickets go on sale?

Tickets will go on sale three weeks before the competition and are available to purchase via our website.

What day will I perform?

We will not have an idea of the schedule until after the competition closing date.  Please be prepared to perform on either day in the case of a two day competition. You will receive your schedule no later than one month before the competition.