Dates & Locations
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Surrey, England
17th and 18th April 2021
The Leatherhead Theatre 7 Church St, Leatherhead, KT22 8DN
(Closing date for entries: 6th March 2021)
Birmingham, England
1st and 2nd May 2021
The Crescent Theatre Sheepcote St, Birmingham B16 8AE, UK
(Closing date for entries: 20th March 2021)
Dance Teachers Conference
28th August 2021
Tring Park School of the Performing Arts, Hertfordshire, HP23 5LX
(Closing date for entries: 17th July 2021)
Edinburgh, Scotland
16th and 17th October 2021
The Brunton Theatre Ladywell Way, Musselburgh EH21 6AA
(Closing date for entries: 11th September 2021)
Surrey, England
20th and 21st November 2021
The Leatherhead Theatre, 7 Church St, Leatherhead KT22 8DN
(Closing date for entries: 9th October 2021)